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Hitting the Books

Alright, so I love to read. I love to encourage reading. Why not?

Quick tangent, I hear people talk about wanting to be smarter or wanting to use their time wisely, but say they don’t like reading or don’t want to. Well why not? There’s a wealth of knowledge available if you’ll just crack open a book. Do you know how many people died for you to have the right and freedom to read?!? OK, I’m done.

Quick reading tips:

1) Find something you like and read about it. It will develop into a desire to read more. I didn’t always love reading UNTIL I read a book that hooked me. “Staying Pure” by Stephanie Perry Moore.

2) Make a realistic goal. Maybe you want to read 10 pages a week. Try it and if you don’t meet the goal, aim for maybe 5 pages. What’s useful is that you may stop in the middle of a paragraph or new idea and decide to keep reading through.

3)Create accountability. Ask someone to read with you to hold you accountable.

4) Take a technology break. For me, sometimes seeing how much time I’m on my phone makes me (guilts me) want to be a little more productive by reading.

5) Try. Saying “I don’t read” isn’t really a good thing. Life requires us to read, so we might as well try to enjoy it.

Why am I harping on this? Because this year I’d like to write and podcast about books. My hope is to monthly provide content on books I’m reading or have read. Sometimes people don’t know where to start, so hopefully a few reviews might light a fire in a few followers here and there. If not, I still get to read, I still get to write, and I still get to create content for my blog and podcasts.

Now, the fun part, do you have any book recommendations?

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