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History Helps

This morning thinking about how advanced and how far ahead God plans our lives excited me. Mind you, that’s only what little bit my brain can even comprehend.

My ancestors sacrificed for the right of my literacy. I can read. I have the freedom in America to read the Bible and it is not illegal.

Now, God had men to write the Bible, inspired by Him of course. In ancient times men would share the scriptures, but it wasn’t written in multiple copies and passed around like we have it today.

So here it is, God had men write the Bible so that it didn’t have to be any more word of mouth. And God had my ancestors fight for my literacy, so now I can read the Bible on my own. No one has to tell me anything the Bible says because I can read it for myself! Is that not good news?

I don’t need a priest to go to God on my behalf or a preacher or teacher to read to me what God said because I can read what God said to me myself. Thank you God! Who would have ever saw history working out in my favor in such a way? Only You.

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