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Here Goes…

Despite my ever present efforts to defeat my own perfectionist attitude, I haven’t quite won the battle. OK, I admit, I haven’t tried that hard to defeat it. However, in the books that I’ve read recently, they do say I should get rid of the perfectionist idea/attitude (and it’s very hard to do).

Part of this exercise is writing, even it means I have to write badly. Now, that’s really hard. I don’t want to do anything badly, especially write. Apparently the idea here is that if I’m not writing at all, then it’s better to write badly at least.

So, here goes. Now, if it’s really bad, don’t expect me to share it, but if it’s only semi-bad, I guess I can give a glimpse of what the original by products look like. Nobody’s perfect, and the point of my blog was to show and share openly with people (which is something I never do). Now, am I being fair if I always try to seem prim and proper with my writing?

Every now and then people need to see just how imperfect works are, in order to appreciate what people do to make them viewer-worthy.

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