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Is there anything better than being known as the one who helped? Being pretty is obviously cool, being funny is fun, but being helpful is memorable. I was asking my little cousin did he know who someone was and the first thing he said was no.

Then it hit him, and after that he said, oh the one who helped clean up the decorations.

I want to be that one.

I’m not there yet. In fact, I’m far from it in my opinion. But I do have new goal in mind. And that’s it.

I want to be the one that helps so badly. I want to be happy being helpful. And I want to inspire other people to be helpful because of my help. I want to make more than just my life easier; I want to make someone else’s. People who help do that. People who help make that possible.

 Help is kindness. And kindness is what reminds us to not give up on humanity.

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