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Hear Me Out: Dream Watching

You know, I believe that we should get tired of seeing everybody else living out their dreams. By no means am I saying be unsupportive or hate their success, we all know I’m about success and support. But at some point we should get tired of seeing everybody else achieve their dreams, and still just watch it from the sidelines.

Where is our own desire to do the same for ourselves? We should certainly get tired of seeing everybody else achieve our dreams. I believe we all have dreams and hopes and ambitions for a reason. And I believe that when they are good and helpful to God’s Kingdom, society, and others, that they are the most important dreams that we can have. And something in us should stir when we sit and watch people do the things that we’ve dreamt of doing ourselves.

Eventually something in you should I say I want to achieve my dreams and I don’t have time to watch anybody else right now achieve their own. Not to say that I don’t want to be supportive or that I can’t be, because I truly can be. I can be happy when people reach their goals, but eventually I should get tired of seeing everybody else reach their goals, and still not reach my own because I’m not trying and I’m not working at them. Therein lies the issue.

At some point in your life you should want to stop being the person that’s full of potential and start living out the potential that you want people to invest in. Eventually the person you could be is not going to be enough and you need to start being that person.

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