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Hate On

You know, when hate is all you know, hate is all you will see.

I was just thinking about different jobs I’ve worked and having to deal with people who wanted to do things that were outside of our policies. And this one particular instance I had to tell someone no you can’t do that. Somehow no meant that I was a racist.

I’m so far from racist, it’s crazy. Anyone who knows me could easily testify to that truth. You can’t be a Christian and be racist. Racists will argue that, but hate and Christianity don’t mesh. It’s quite clear.

But when I have come to realize is that no matter how good things actually are around you, if you are a hateful person what you see will always seem like hate because it’s what you are reflecting on people and circumstances.

It’s hard to see love when you want to see hate. And it’s hard to give love when you have embodied hate in your person. It’s always really sad to me that the people who are usually complaining about a problem are the people who are that problem.

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