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Happy Endings

Happy endings?

Life isn’t fair. We all know that. And I could so easily look at my current situations and say why?

Why does he get a happy ending? Why is his search over? Why? She got promoted? He got to keep his job? Their book is a best-seller? How is any of this fair?

But, just as easily as I can say all that, I could have reminded myself that none of that matters. It doesn’t matter that he’s living his fairy tale after putting me through a form of hell. It doesn’t matter that they were promoted and I couldn’t even at least get demoted. It doesn’t matter that their book sales and mine fails. It just doesn’t.


Because if none of that happened then I wouldn’t have anything to overcome. We love fairy tales, we love happy endings, but we do forget that they’re only happy because they were sad before. The prince does save the princess because she was in trouble, not because everything was perfect.

Would life be great if everything I wanted came to me? I can’t say that. I wouldn’t have a blog because I wouldn’t have any triumphs to share. I wouldn’t have relationship advice because I wouldn’t know what it was like to have to work at one. And I wouldn’t be comforting without first having to experience the need to be comforted.

Happy endings very rarely start with happy beginnings. And the fact of the matter is that if we continue to focus on everybody else’s happy endings, we miss the making up of our very own.

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