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Happy Couples

I have a few favorite couples. Not celebrity couples, but favorite normal everyday people. They know who they are. And I love to see them together.

Their love really inspires others and they don’t even know it. And I just want to so badly tell them PLEASE don’t stop loving the way you do because it is noticed. Even if you don’t think it’s spectacular, it is because people are so unaccustomed to seeing people in love. And not just “in” love, but loving one another.

If all you did was go to the kitchen and fix her plate, or all you did was iron his shirt, it’s beautiful. It’s simply beautiful, because your love enabled you to be able to do the simplest of otherwise perceived menial tasks. Even if you didn’t feel like it, you committed to doing it. As much as people complain about the little things we don’t feel like doing, it could only be special that a person who loves their spouse still performs the task.

If washing dishes isn’t hard, but you hate to do it, then imagine the love it takes to do it.

Love levels a person. No task for the person you love is ever too beneath you or ever too beyond you when you really love. It’s just done.

I love seeing people truly in love. I love seeing husbands and wives miss each other. I love seeing people look at the person they never want to have to look away from. It’s truly amazing.

I want it one day. I hope I get there. But even if I don’t, I’ve seen it. I’ve witnessed what real genuine love does. I recognize what it looks like. I’ve seen the sacrifices that it makes. I’ve seen the work that it is. And most importantly, I’ve seen that it is possible.

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