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Guest Blogger: The Feeling

A very special reader decided he wouldn’t mind doing a guest blog. Riddled with excitement and disbelief I said yeah not thinking he would actually do it. Thank you for proving me wrong in the best. My cousin, Avery!

The Feeling……

Some people call it “butterflies.” The feeling you have when you are nervous, anxious, and excited all at the same time.  It could come before a football game, the first date, or even during a presentation. If a person has experienced this feeling, most of the time they would like to feel that again at some point. “Butterflies” are not something you can fake; it has to be real and pure.  That is what makes it special.

Emotions are the lifeblood of the way we feel.  It can control the way we act and certainly what we say.  Most of the time emotions are caused by the action of someone else. How about the emotions caused by “thy self”? Yes, how about the emotions that come from within that make you feel a certain type of way…My favorite is self-gratitude.

Like “butterflies,” this is also a feeling or high that can leave you wanting more. It is real and cannot be taken for granted. It usually thrives off of a true passion and satisfaction of the goal at hand.  It makes you smile from the inside.  Most of the time, this feeling does not come from money, fame, or recognition.  It only stems from something that you decide is praise worthy.  I admire people who are able to experience this feeling every day. Some people are lucky enough to have a profession that will allow them to impact someone else everyday such as an educator, nurse, or preacher.  These people are rich. It is nice to receive praise from your boss, a standing ovation, or even a free IPAD for reaching your sales goal.  Nothing will compare to praise from yourself, because you are not worthy of praise from yourself unless you impact somebody else.

That feeling…..

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