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Great v. Good

Every now and then we get caught up in being pleased with the “okays” in life. Those “that will do’s,” that really won’t do. But GOD didn’t make us with that mindset. And He for sure doesn’t want us to live out our gifted lives that way. As I embark on this season, I pray that I enter into a territory that only GOD can guide me through. I pray that as I work, I work hard and expect nothing but the best, because that is what GOD gives. He is only capable of giving the best.

Sometimes I find myself muddling a bit. And I wonder why things don’t seem to go beyond where they are going, and then I realize “uh oh, I’ve settled.” If you are in settled territory, get out! The best isn’t settling. GOD doesn’t want to reside in a settled second or third option. That’s why we have to let the prayer GOD is great, GOD is good resonate in us.

You see, GOD is good, but he is great first. And being great is the best.

Good things have become the enemy of the best things.- Tommy Tenney
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