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Good Men

It’s something that we don’t give enough credit for and if he’s truly trying to live a godly lifestyle he probably won’t take credit for it either, but a young man trying to live righteous deserves some recognition.

A young man trying to live a godly lifestyle faces a lot of stuff. He faces a lot of temptation, he faces a lot of stereotypes he has to beat, and he faces a lot that is just tough. He faces things that are tough for men, things that are tough for a person trying to live a godly style, and things that are tough in general.

He faces the stereotype of being a man and being assumed to have some type of hidden agenda, even though that may not be true. I think that a lot of times we accredit women with a tough struggle and we do struggle, but men face a struggle too, and I do believe a lot of times it’s overlooked.

If a man isn’t trying to sleep with you he must be gay. If he’s nice then obviously he wants something. It’s a lot of underlying things that good godly men have to deal with that aren’t right, but have become a part of the story society tells about men.

I don’t say it enough, and perhaps it’s because I don’t come across it often, but thank you good guys. There are some men who want to please God by the way they live, and there is a much needed example being set for us all by their choice.

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