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God Knows my Future


Write yesterday’s horoscope.

Well I don’t believe in horoscopes, but that was my topic in this really cool book that Brandon bought me. Shout out to Brandon.

Since fortune telling and other things are considered forms of witchcraft, I could see how a person would tie horoscopes and so forth to that as well. Apart from that I have my other reasons that I don’t care for horoscopes.

First off, they’re pretty vague. Which, they have to be because there’s one statement that is supposed to be accurate for millions of people. You’d have to be vague in order for that to work out.

Secondly, God wouldn’t speak to me through a horoscope. I know for a fact that if God had to tell me something He would tell me Himself. If I think He would speak to me through a horoscope, then I need to be closer to God because that’s just not true.

Plain and simple, God knows my future. A horoscope serves no purpose when I serve God. Since He knows my future, what else matters? Almighty God knows what happened in my past, what is happening in my present, and what will happen in my future. What’s more important than that?

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