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I’m so selfish when it comes to my relationship with God. I’m so controlling when it comes to us. I really do want what I want even if it’s not what I should have. It’s hard. Human nature tells me that it’s excusable to want what I want because I’m only human. But is it?

I was praying the other day and I got a little choked up in my prayer. Not because it wasn’t good or because I was sad, but because it was so hard. It’s hard to pray that whatever will bring God the most glory will happen. We know we should, but it’s hard to pray it and really mean it.

Sometimes we know that what will bring Him the most glory won’t bring us any. Sometimes we know that what will bring Him the most glory might not be the job we want or the salary we want or the man we want. Sometimes what will bring Him the most glory isn’t for us to get over that sickness or ailment right away. Sometimes it’s the months of recovery that is going to honor Him the most.

And we don’t like to think of glorifying God that way. We like to think that the more He allows us to have is our best way to show Him glory, but that’s not the case. Glorifying God isn’t about Him giving you everything you want, but about giving Him everything you’ve got.

A lot of times we look at our lives and hate how things are going. And we cry out to God give me more, can I have more? And when we don’t get it we want Him to feel sorry for us.


God isn’t/shouldn’t feel sorry for you when He knows the life He has planned for you.

I’ve moped around, and finally it hit me. I’m being stupid! God knows He has greatness in store for me. He knows He has made it attainable, so why should He pity me? He’s made me and laid out for me a life for good.

So yes, God. Whatever will bring you the most glory let it be done. If it isn’t that job, if it isn’t that man, if it isn’t that salary, okay.

Glory isn’t about having the resources we think it takes to glorify God. It’s about having the heart source to glorify God. If my life that has all I need doesn’t have the heart to glorify God, then why on earth would a heart that has all that it wants be able to?

So I guess the first prayer is that God will give me a heart that truly desires for whatever will bring Him the most glory. Because once my heart is ready to glorify Him, everything else will follow. A selfish heart is not going to get it done. It has to be a charitable heart. It has to be a God seeking heart. In short, it has to be Him in my heart.

And if I won’t glorify Him for what He has done, can He trust that I will truly glorify Him for what He hasn’t?

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