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Getting Older

As I have grown older I’ve found one simple truth. Getting older only sucks when you don’t get wiser.

Yes, health issues are no fun. I completely agree with that. The responsibilities in your life are much bigger and heavier. I give you that. But it’s really messy when you are getting older and you are still making decisions as if you aren’t older.

Those health issues, the extra responsibilities and all that is tough, but they’re tougher when you don’t handle them as an older individual.

The benefit to getting older, other than still being alive to make a difference, is that you are supposed to be able to recognize what does or doesn’t need to happen in a situation. It’s really not beneficial for me to make the same decision about things at 26 that I did at 21.

So yeah, if you don’t feel like you’ve developed in your decision making over the years, yes, getting older does suck for you. I challenge you to try getting some wisdom on for size and tell me the difference.

Wisdom isn’t easy to come across. However, as you get older, you should meet it more often than not. Let’s face it, in our youth we make a lot of mistakes. And for the most part we chalk it up to being young. Now, does it make any sense to make the same decision now, doing the same thing you shouldn’t have done then?

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