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Get Over Yourself

The sooner you get over yourself and get under God, the sooner you see changes in your life.

I am a schedule freak. I like to know what’s happening. I plan spontaneity. Time and time again God has shown me that I can’t be like that. I can’t be under my own plans and sprinkle Him in and out of them. It’s either His way or misery. Plain and simple.

It’s hard for me. I like knowing what’s coming next. I like to see the whole staircase before taking that first step. At the same time, I have to grow out of that. At some point, I have to realize that I will always be in a situation that I don’t know or understand, and that’s life. And most importantly, I’m always going to be OK as long as I’m under God’s direction.

Knowing that, I should never sidestep, backtrack, or fall by the wayside. It’s simply not a matter of hoping for the best when I don’t know what’s coming, it’s the fact of knowing that God only produces what’s best.

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