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Friends: How many of us have them?

I really wanted to see what I could write in five minutes. I think the topic of friendship is always a fun one.

Friendship is tough. When you think about it, how many friends do you really have? I probably only have a handful of good friends, one best friend, and maybe a total of two handfuls of friends. The easiest way for me to figure them out is to think who would be in a wedding if I were having one. From there I draw my conclusion.

Friends. Not associates. I have associates for days. Maybe too many, but that’s the plus side to associates. You can have as many as you want, because an actual effort-filled relationship isn’t required. Which might be awesome, because the alternative is pretty draining.

I love having friends, but I understand why some people keep them at arm’s length. We’re all so different and it’s really interesting (alternative word for hard) to make us all fit sometimes. It’s worth it, but man is it work. It’s hard work.

The plus side? You’re just as much work for your friends as you think they are for you. They tell you the brutal truth. And even after telling you the truth, they still let you know they’re on your side. It’s pretty cool to be wrong and have somebody support you, not in your wrong, but in your personhood. A friendship is actually the only time that situation works.

I had this to say for my best friend’s wedding:

You have good friends, great friends, and best friends. A good friend checks in from time to time, a great friend checks in every few days, but a best friend never checks out. A good friend is there when you call, a great friend is present when you need them, but a best friend is there before you even realize you needed them. A good friend gives you a tissue to cry in, a great friend gives you a shoulder to cry on, but a best friend makes you forget why you were crying.

Good friends are a dime a dozen, great friends are one in a million, but best friends are once in a lifetime. I have good friends. I have great friends, but I only have one best friend. I am honored to say that in Gabby you’ll find more than a wife, you’ll find a best friend. Take care of her because she’ll always take care of you.

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