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Former Self

I don’t know, it’s like the Lord has been saying, “Chanel, you ought to get tired of talking about the person you used to be or the person you usually are.” And of course, He’s right.

At work, I’ve been complaining. I have been negative. And all I have been able to say is, “I’m not usually like this, I mean I wrote a book about encouragement.” Yet, even in my relationship I’ve been negative, trying to convince him I’m not normally this way. I’m not negative about the relationship, but I have been negative in talking about things outside of the relationship.

All I can is when is that other person going to show up? If a situation doesn’t change does that mean it’s OK for me to never be better? Absolutely not. What’s the point in only being positive when everything is going my way? How is that strengthening my character?

Who I used to be will no longer be better than who I currently am. I will not continue to talk about how positive I once was because I will be. Who I was will not trump who I am.

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