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Easter Series

So I had this idea almost a year ago, about focusing on Jesus as a carpenter, and really what all that entails. What seemed like a good idea for a couple of blogs may be developing into an Easter series altogether. Maybe even a short book.

I say all that to say, I hope it will be. I hope that is what God wants me to do and that He provides the wisdom I need to make it a beautiful project. And if it’s not what He wants, then I can’t do it.

So, hopefully soon I will be writing about it this month in my blog. I’m excited.

It’s always moving to think about Jesus life and death. The approach I’m taking will be thinking about it in a way that I never have, but I look forward to it. It’s important to think about Jesus humanity as well as His divinity. After all, who else can you say that about?

Maybe the series can be called The Divine Carpenter…

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