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Drink and Eat

Salvation is ours for the taking. And God has been giving me really simple ways to process how available it is, and how available He is. He’s present, not just there, but present.To me, being present is about being in the midst and being attentive, while being there is being in the midst.

The only thing, is that we treat Him like He’s not present. Imagine being thirsty. I’m talking about parched. But, there’s a well right outside your house. Or think about being hungry, starving even, but there’s a garden at your door.

That’s how present God is and how available salvation is. It’s there. We all need a hunger for the Bread of Life and a thirst for Living Water. And the supply never runs dry. So why are people not tapping in?

We all need Jesus. And whether you believe it or not doesn’t change the fact that you do. Go to your well and visit your garden. See, with God, the more hungry and thirsty you are for Him, the more full you are actually becoming.

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