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So, this is an accountability factor, because this week I’m publishing excerpts for upcoming books I’ve been working on. These are very near and dear.

The first one is D.A.U.G.H.T.E.R.S.

                                                              Introduction      What does it mean to be a daughter? That was the question. And although I had come up with this acronym that was great, that was inspiring and encouraging, I’d never really asked myself what it meant to be a daughter.      What did it mean? What did it mean to not just be any daughter, but to be the daughter of a King?      That’s when I realized that maybe I didn’t fully know. That maybe I hadn’t sat down and thought about what it really meant to belong. Because isn’t that part of being a daughter? Having a sense of belonging to someone, to some family? Yet, here I was claiming to belong to a family without a full understanding of my role as a daughter in it.      We live in a world where the impression of a father figure stirs up pain instead of persistence. Where the lack of a present father has left women damaged instead of dynamic, as they search for that sense of belonging throughout life. Unfortunately, understanding that we have a loving Heavenly Father has lost its appeal due to the lack of zeal in our earthly ones.      Not only that, but we live in a world where mothers find it hard to encourage their daughters and prepare them for the struggles ahead. Due to the growing demands of life, we force ourselves to grow into women as soon as possible and shed the skin of girlhood.      Therefore, as endearing as the term daughter was meant to be, it is instead replaced with the idea of childlikeness instead of maturity. And for many of us that’s a problem.      However old you are, you are a daughter. God is King and a loving, Heavenly Father. And as His daughter, you are a princess. And if the term daughter casts images of a child in your head, it’s OK, because God loves children. And God loves you.      You matter. And it is my hope that by the end of this book you will be able to come to grips with just how much you matter. Although, there is still so much to share and learn on the journey to self-discovery for your identity as a daughter, we will focus on the acronym, D.A.U.G.H.T.E.R.S.      Daughters are dynamic, authentic, unique, gracious, hopeful, triumphant, empowered, resilient, and successful. While these descriptions are personality types, they also represent who or what we can be in situations or circumstances. Each word chosen represents a powerful personality trait, not to be taken lightly. With each trait described, we will look at a woman from the Bible who I believe displayed this type of character.      I can put words on the pages, but it will ultimately be up to you to discover what being a daughter means in your life at this particular time. As a daughter, you have power. As a daughter, you belong to an Almighty King. And as His daughter, you have the right to display that power for your Father’s glory.      So, what does it mean to be a daughter? Let’s find out.

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