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A video posted of a singing child goes viral a year after it was posted. Talent agents begin calling her parents, but the child is now a runaway. What do the parents tell the callers?

My child has runaway. Please help me find him. I heard a song he was working on in his room saying he was running away. I didn’t know he was for real, until I found the lyrics when I went in his room after work today. We are in the process of looking for him now.

I think that the song has clues to where he might be. Yesterday he wanted to go to a friend’s house but my husband and I told him he couldn’t because he had work to do around the house. Apparently, he didn’t like that too much. Metaphorically, he mentioned it in his song.

Thank you for your calls and interest, but obviously priority is finding him. When I find him, he won’t be singing anything but the blues when he’s back home and safe. I’ll hug him and tell him I love him. Then, he’ll be grounded for quite some time after this. Let’s just say, platforms will be back in style when he’s off punishment.

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