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Over the course of the school year, a sixth-grade teacher intercepted dozen of notes being passed between students. He keeps them in a drawer. On the last day of school, he decides to read some of them. What do they say?


Mr. Moore’s class is boring today. What did you do in Mr. Wilkes’ class today? I was hoping it would be a movie day. Hurry and write me back before I fall asleep.

Did he go over homework? I forgot to do mine.


Did Jason finally ask you to be his girlfriend? He told me he was going to ask you soon. My two best friends dating. I’m so excited. Now we can double date! Yay! Write me back.


My mom said you can spend the night this Friday. Did you talk to your mom, yet? If not, hurry up! We can go to the game together. You should ask your mom if you can leave from school with us. Bye!

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