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Write about the three most important ingredients in your cookbook.

Since I’ve been born and raised in the South my cookbook has the necessities for good ol’ Southern cooking. So stereotypically speaking, the most important ingredients are sugar, butter, and flour.

Everything needs to be a little sweeter. That’s why sugar was invented. Can’t get the kids to eat their peas? Sprinkle a little sugar on them. Your spaghetti missing something? You know what to add.

And who can really enjoy a meal without a little fat. Everyone needs a little butter, right? It just, helps the food, but not your cholesterol.

Lastly, is it really cooked if it’s not fried? I mean really. Is it fried properly if it’s not rolled in flour? I think not.

For the record, I actually have changed my eating habits, but I will admit that it is hard to fight the cravings.

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