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Creative Journal

Invent a band name.

Mispronounced would be my band’s name. See, you’re already intrigued right? Well, I just thought to myself, I like my names so there’s not a name I wish I had that I could call the band. But my names are often mispronounced. So, there you have it.

Misunderstood is obviously a bit too cliché. Isn’t that like every teenage band’s starter name? But mispronounced makes you want to ask questions. It makes you inquire doesn’t it? Boom! The buzz has been created, simply by capitalizing on the mistakes of others. I love it.

Write a text message to someone you are about to meet for the first time, describing what you look like so that stranger will spot you in the crowd.

Hey, it’s Chanel. I’ll be sitting in the study room in the library. Look for the girl with a tee shirt on. It’s blue with white writing. It will say Jesus + You > Conqueror.

Also, I’ll have on some big peace sign earrings. And an afro with a flower on the side. Yes, I’ll be the black woman in her late 20’s. I’ll have glasses on as well. Or, just call. LOL! 🙂

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