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Write about how shallow people try to create an aura of authenticity by consuming books, films, and food, and befriend other, actually authentic people.

The art of being shallow has always been to not seem so self-consumed. If I’m so focused on reading, watching, and eating the right things I can’t be shallow. I’m investing in my well being. Exactly, “in MY well being” and only mine.

I’m not shallow. My best friends are the most giving sincere people on the planet. I’m in great company. Yes, but are they? Are you giving and sincere? Are you giving and sincere when it is of no obvious benefit for you?

Read all your self-help books. Paint the picture of a kind authentic person. But real authentic people can see right through that. Those best friends probably see what you’re up to. They are aware that you need them so that you seem authentic.

Shallow people, don’t fool yourselves. Everyone can see right through your water. Our eyes are practically hitting your ocean floor. We can’t dive into your person because there’s not enough water.

We see through you. Now, what are you going to do?

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