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You’re playing truth or dare with yourself. What’s the one truth you’d be afraid to tell, and the one dare you’d be afraid to act out?

The truth is, I am not as confident in my writing as I wish I could be. Opinions get to me. And I am a tough critic as my worst critic. Very rarely am I 100% pleased with my work. In fact, I can’t think of a time when I have been pleased 100% with my work.

The truth is, I wonder if I am a good writer or if I just think I am. I wonder if I am forcing myself to be confident in my work because that’s what I should do since it’s what I love to do.

A dare that I would be afraid to act out is living one day full of spontaneity. Plans make sense. Plans are good. Plans make me feel better. I plan spontaneity. That’s the only time it’s incorporated into my life. If you can call that spontaneity, which you really can’t.

I can’t imagine a day without a plan. I probably need one. But I just can’t imagine enjoying a day like that. Then again, I did recently go on a retreat where I didn’t know what time it was or anything. It didn’t kill me. But even then, I had an idea of what we might do after the first full day.

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