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Let’s say that Mel Brooks was right and there were originally 15 Commandments. (Moses dropped five of  them, according to Brooks.) What are Commandments 11 through 15?

Mel Brooks isn’t right. I believe that the commandments God wanted us to have are 1 through 10. If God trusted Moses enough to give them to him, then surely He trust Moses enough to believe he wouldn’t drop them along the way.

This next statement might seem a bit contradictory but bear with me here. If Moses, in his anger, broke the commandments as he looked upon the Israelites worshipping a god they made (Exodus 32:19), and God rewrote them for us, why would He not make sure all “15” were given?

Why go through the trouble of writing 10 commandments over and not write all 15? That wouldn’t make much sense to me. I’m sure God’s hand didn’t get tired. Therefore, out of simple logic I believe there were only 10.

Besides, do you know the 10 Commandments? What else is there left to say? Let’s focus on getting those right.

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