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Write an application letter to a new preschool for your son. Without being overt, you must somehow address why you have been asked by his old school to find a new school for him.

Creative Minds Academy,

I am interested in enrolling my son, Johnson into your academy. I am familiar with your school. It is one of the top schools in Georgia.

Johnson, has a need to be challenged in his education. As stated by his former teacher and principal, he needs a different level of attention for his studies, even as a preschooler. Based on what I know of your school, my son will not only have an advanced learning curb, but will have a greater opportunity to work on his interaction with other children.

Johnson is a very intelligent young man. As a mother, I only want my son to be where his intellect is being fed, because I believe that is best for him.

Thank you for your time,

Chanel Cobb

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