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What does the Magic 8 Ball say?

Well, as fun and funny as I thought they were, I was told not to play with the Magic 8 Ball. Magic is a form of deception, so as a kid I grew up thinking the 8 Ball was wrong to play with. I get it. You ask it a question and based on the answer, a person on the edge might go out and do whatever it said. I get that. I wasn’t that person, but you know? I get it.

Although I could see it as a form of entertainment, I see both sides of the coin. However, based on my upbringing and the influences I had, I’ll say that my 8 Ball says nothing. Because I don’t believe in them or that you should play with them. Truth be told, as a kid when I would go to the toy aisle to play, half the time when I actually did find one in Wal-Mart to play with, it said nothing. Just like my fortune cookies with no fortunes.

I do want to say this. Be careful. Magic comes in many forms and I say this to say, don’t be deceived by it just because it’s a game. The Ouija Board isn’t for kicks and giggles. Satan isn’t so obvious all the time.

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