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Contributing Factor

Things are bad, but are you contributing to the mess? Are you adding or subtracting to it all?

There are things in my life that just don’t seem right. No matter how I try to look at it, it just doesn’t seem to be right. I can’t spin it or twist it enough to make it OK. I just can’t make it favorable in any way.

And what I’ve realized is that it might not be right. It just might never be OK. But what am I really doing about it?

The lesson I’ve had to learn is to stay conscious of my own contributions in this world. Am I contributing to what’s not right with my own wrongs? Am I making a bad situation worse? What is my part in it all?

The truth is everything isn’t going to be right. And it most certainly isn’t going to be right all the time. But when it isn’t, am I still doing right even though everything else is wrong? When things are bad, am I good?

When things are bad, what exactly is your contribution?

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