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In this world we compare too much. We compare one job to another, one relationship to the next, and one person to another. That’s too much comparison.

And for what?

Things are still going to be as they are with or without the comparison. Right? This is still going to be this and that is still going to be that.

I think we compare things simply to take the focus off ourselves. If we’re busy comparing so many things we don’t have enough time to look at ourselves because we spend so much time looking elsewhere. I’ve found that when I spend time comparing myself to others, I don’t have time to spend looking at myself and what I need to be focusing on because I’m too busy focusing on the other person.

But the truth is, I need to stop. And I think that we all could do a lot less of comparing things too.

Stop comparing yourself to others and everything else. Stop comparing your kids to one another. Stop comparing your relationships to others.

I bet that once we all stop comparing and start focusing on ourselves things will start to change. In fact, I know it, because the only comparison that really matters is the one to who you are now and who you used to be.

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