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Choose Wisely

Hardships happen. Unfairness is unfortunate. Opposition occurs. And life keeps on living.

There is a struggle that we face, and a strength that comes from it. But, it is a choice. Things will always happen, and we will always have the choice to react or respond.

Choice is underrated. A lot of times it seems as though we believe that things are happening to us. When you choose to react, things always seem like they’re happening to you. But when you choose to respond to situations, you understand that things are happening for you.

Job loss isn’t fun. Waking up everyday to something that isn’t your dream isn’t ideal, but choose wisely. Choose to take the learning lessons that life offers. Be bold enough to choose to do what you dream of doing everyday.

I guess my point is that struggle and strength go hand in hand. Things get tough, and things get sticky, but it doesn’t mean that we should see those things as something to defeat us. We should see everything as an opportunity for victory.

It’s not easy. It’s not even fun most of the time. It’s worthwhile though. Hardships happen. Unfairness is unfortunate. Opposition occurs. And we choose how each of those things impact our lives. I for one, have had some bad reactions in life, and it’s past time to start having some good responses.

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