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Cares: Casting or Reeling

I was talking to Brandon the other day and after I got finished he said, “You know, it’s been my experience that when I completely let things go and put it all in God’s hands it just seems like that’s when things really start to come together for me.”

Afterwards, I just kind of sat there and was kind of like… OK… Where is the application in that for me? I mean I know all that already. Where’s the new information that I need? Where’s the new piece of the puzzle that I’m missing?

And then later, after we stopped talking about it, I thought about it. Of course he was right in saying that. But I took it even further than just simply what he said and reminded me of.

What he said made me think how often do we pray for God to move in a situation and pray that we’re going to leave it all alone and give it all to Him? And then turn around, and once we give it him, pick it right back up?

God doesn’t ask us to give our burdens to Him because He wants us to pick them back up afterwards. He asks us to give Him our burdens because He wants to keep them. And I just can’t help but think that when I’ve cast all my cares upon the Lord, somehow I’ve reeled them back in. And that was never what He meant.

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