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Book Excerpt: Lessons on Love from my Grandmother

Lessons on Love: Be with someone who makes you laugh.

I think my grandparents had a pretty good relationship. I mean my granddad said he had everything he ever wanted out of life. His truck, his house, and my grandma. Seems good to me. Where is my guy like that?

But, that’s his perspective. What was my grandmother’s?

My grandma said she married my granddad because he made her laugh. She said she could just laugh and laugh at him, and that was how she fell in love with him. And his goal was to make her happy. And if he had to be the goofiest man on earth to have her and have her happy, then he considered himself happily goofy.

I imagine it’s hard to stay mad at a man that can make you laugh so easily. Any time I’ve actually liked someone it has been harder to be upset with them when they’ve made me laugh so much that I forgot I was supposed to be mad at them.

So I guess one of the first lessons on love is to be with someone who makes it hard for you to be mad at them.

Be with someone who makes you laugh and forget about all the other junk that’s going on. A man that can make you forget might not be so bad after all. That day at work is a lot less taxing when you get home and he makes you forget all about it. Can you be mad when you know he’s going to make you laugh? The thought of his humor probably already makes life better.

Relationships are real. They are serious. But they don’t have to be so serious all the time. Everyday you should be able to laugh with the person you love. If you can’t laugh with them, can you truly be happy with them? If laughter is life’s greatest medicine, then how can an ailing relationship survive without its cure?

Laugh long. Laugh hard. And laugh lovingly.

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