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I really don’t like to say that I’m lucky to have my fiancé. Luck insinuates that we lucked up and somehow by chance stumbled across each other and it was this wonderful random coincidence. And it somehow worked.

No. God brought us together. And that makes us a blessing.

We’re not lucky to have each other. We’re blessed. We’re blessed to both have a relationship with God. We’re blessed to realize that God is a Blesser. And we’re blessed to have a relationship together with God.

We’re really blessed to understand that luck didn’t bring us together. God did. And it’s so wonderful to live for a God and love for a God that would care so much to bless us with a relationship, not just with one another, but with Him most importantly.

I don’t like coincidence. I believe in divine intervention. And I believe in a God that is mighty and powerful enough to do all the “big” things and the “small” things. Yes, I believe that when God created the heavens and the earth, He also created relationships to glorify and honor Him as well. I am blessed that the relationship I have was one of those.

But I am most blessed that the relationship that God and I have was and is the most important one.

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