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My cousin texted us all today to talk about the Bible app and sent us a link about how many verses are missing from it. I’ve noticed it before, but I definitely didn’t know it was so many. And I will say I wasn’t as urgent about the matter as I should’ve been, so I just took it as a lesson for myself that I was going to continue to use my actual Bible more than my Bible app like I was doing anyway.

Truth be told, it has always bothered me that people don’t carry their actual Bibles with them to church. Most people around my age or older who grew up with grandparents or parents that were Christians have always been taught to carry their Bibles. So it just bothers me when people don’t carry the Word.

Now the Bible app, I feel like it is a great idea and something that is good, but like most things, it’s good in moderation maybe. I don’t think that you should use your Bible app as a replacement for your actual Bible. I honestly think that such a wonderful tool has been used in an abusive way, like a lot of things.

The Bible app is great. But I hate seeing people using it in church. You might not have intentions of texting and surfing and all that stuff, but there is that temptation to when you have your phone in church. I enjoy my hardcopy Bible so I can write notes and reference other scriptures using it. You can do that with the app, but what if something happens? What if something weird happens with your account or you get a new phone and need to redownload it and you never get around to it?

There’s so many random things that can happen, and usually do when it comes to God’s Word. I can’t name the number of posts I had planned using scripture references that all of a sudden were unable to post at the moment (sorry for the rant).

I guess I just want to give a shout out to people who still carry their Bibles. I  want to encourage others to carry theirs as well. You will feel different because there really is no substitute for a hard copy Bible.

And after all, that scripture that you really need that day, you might not get from that Bible app. Think about it.

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