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Bad Men Epidemic

There is an epidemic among men these days. Good ones are few and far. And the same is true of good women.

My friend and I were talking about this issue the other day. Let it be known that we do not give women a pass. The same women that are looking for good men, are some of the very ones that are bad women. Or they are the same ones that made good men go bad.

Women, do we not play some sort of role in the epidemic that has taken place?

As a woman, are you not responsible for the man you laid up with that wasn’t a good example for your son? Yes, he should have done better, but should you not have known better?

Men, if she made it so easy for you to come in and out of her life, should you yourself have not aspired for more out of life?

I think as a woman it’s all too easy to blame the men in society. It is their blame, but do we not take responsibility for some as well? Did we not make equally bad decisions to further promote the downfall of men in today’s society? Did we not lower the bar to meet the minimal standards they felt like offering?

I think that we all could have done better, and now that we know it, we all should do better. I’m not here to bash society or women or men. The fact is that there are still some good people out there. And as unfortunate as it is that there are a lot of single mothers out there raising children on their own with two living parents is a situation that is all too familiar. However, despite mistakes and struggles, a lot of women are doing a good job of being all they can for their kids.

I just think it’s sad that most good men had to learn from their mothers alone.

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