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As a Nation

In Genesis, God said Abel’s blood cries out to Me from the land (Genesis 4:10) when Cain acted like he didn’t know where Abel was. Think about that. “His blood cries out to Me.” What a powerful statement, right? Blood crying out leads to a question I have in reference to that verse.

My question is, as a nation, do we not think the blood of those who were enslaved and killed, forced off of their land, etc. cries out to God? Is there anything we can do about the past? No, there’s not, but I believe we can learn from it. Are we learning?

If Abel’s blood cried out to God, does innocent blood not continue to cry out to Him? We must take a look around. The innocent lives that are being taken at an alarming rate is saddening.Do we not think their blood cries out? As a nation, what matters most to us these days? As a nation, what should matter most to us? Do we know?

Most importantly, as a Christian, what matters most to you these days? Do you know anymore? Do you care anymore? 

Genesis 4:10 The LORD said, “What have you done? Listen! Your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground.

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