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Age of Potential

We live in the “Potential Age.” Everybody’s got potential and everybody wants to make it by on just that.

“I’ve got potential though.”

“I hope they see my potential.”

“I’ve got more potential than she does. I can offer more.”

But, that’s the thing. We’ve all got potential. There’s not one person on earth that doesn’t have the potential to be something. Everyone has potential to be more than he/she is. That’s the commonality of human beings.

And part of the issue is that people have stopped looking for the difference. Or it’s that people don’t thrive for the difference anymore.

The difference is success.

The person with success took their potential and made a conscious choice to do something with it. They made the decision to use their potential to the fullest of their abilities, while the person with potential has chosen to talk about the potential they have.

Today, it’s potential versus success. And if you’re still talking about being successful, chances are you’re still stuck in the “Potential Age.” It’s time to take that potential and make it a success.

After all, you have the potential to be like everybody else. But only you have the potential to be a different success.

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