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A Mess to Bless

Sometimes your situation is just too much of a mess to be blessed. You know, we all like to say I’m too blessed to be stressed, and that’s good. But sometimes that situation really is just too big of a mess to be blessed.

It’s not that God can’t bless it. It’s that He won’t. The fact that He has kept you alive long enough to ask for forgiveness for being in a situation that He told you not to be in actually is your blessing. I cannot think of the amount of times I asked God to bless me in a job that He had clearly told me to leave. Or to bless that relationship with that man that He clearly made obvious wasn’t for me. Bless me with that salary even though I had clearly shown I would not be able to budget it correctly.

The fact of the matter is that we want God to have mercy on us and to bless us, to be with us in this situation as we go out and as we do this and that. And we’re doing something when He’s already said, don’t do it. I have something so much better for you, don’t do it.

And we do it anyway. Then we come home. And we cry out to Him. And we read scriptures. And we pray. And we question, God why didn’t this happen? God why didn’t you bless this, or God will you please bless this and make this work?

He’s saying, I am giving you one of the biggest and best blessings right now. I am keeping you from a situation that is going to hurt you. Instead of you coming to me after you’ve been hurt and asking me to heal that hurt, I’m saving you from the hurt altogether. I am validating the fact that you really are too blessed to be stressed by this.

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