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A Knight’s Tale

We’re learning about Knights in class, so I thought it would be fun to create our own knight’s tales or poems about knights. Here’s mine:

If I were a knight what would I do?

Well I’d fight

For the rights of men and women.

In fact, that would only be the beginning.

I’d fight for the church

I’d reach out to those who have been hurt.

I wouldn’t be pleased

Not until wrongs have been righted until things have been appeased.

I’d wear my coat of arms with pride

I’d have my family and God on my side.

Everywhere I go people would know who I belong to

And what I would do

But its funny

Isn’t it?

Being a knight isn’t a limit

I could fight right now

I could right wrongs somehow

I can fight for the church today

I can serve in some way.

God is still on my side

In His will, today I can abide

My family could be proud

I could honor them out loud.

So, if I were a knight what would I do?

I’d fight for me I’d fight for you.

But since I’m not what now

I must have honor somehow.

I may not have a sword

But I have His Sword

I’ll fight with kindness

For my Highness

I’ll love like crazy

In that, I won’t be lazy

I’ll honor God in all I do

To His Word I’ll be true

I’ll bring honor to my family

They will be glad they had me

If I’m knighted in this life

Of course, that’ll be nice

But in heaven is where it really counts

That’s where it all amounts

To unperishable treasure

And Heavenly pleasure.

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