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A God that Can Relate

God always help us to understand that if anyone can relate, that if anyone can get it, if anyone can comprehend it, it’s You. You created an entire world of people to be Your children, and to know that when it’s all said and done, a lot of those people will never choose You is hard.

It’s hard to know what’s best and to see Your children daily not choose it. It’s hard to want the best for Your child and not be able to give it, because they didn’t choose it. You have to sit there, knowing that the choices they are going to make aren’t always right, but You have to watch them make them.

So never let us forget that if anyone can understand what we’re going through when we see people going down a wrong path, that if anyone knows what loss feels like, and what it’s like to want to give something so badly to someone and them not receive it, it’s You.

Let us never forget that You have experienced it all for us. Not because You had to, but because You wanted us to be that much closer to You. Because You believed it was better to serve a God that can relate.

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