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A Change is Gonna Come (Part 2)

Change can’t come through my current situation.

  1. How many have said nothing good can come from the place I’m in? Does anybody feel this way now?

  2. Read Genesis 50:19-21

  3. Joseph was sold into slavery, falsely accused and imprisoned, and there is no record of him ever losing faith throughout his life.

  4. If God could bless Joseph with His favor while in prison (39:23), why can’t He use us in our current free state?

Change can’t come through me.

  1. Read Esther 4:13-17

  2. How can you ever be so sure that God didn’t bring you to where you are to be what He needs you to be while you are there?

  3. It was risky for Esther to go to the king without being called by him, but the greatest risk was to miss the King’s (God’s) call on her life.

  4. Are we willing to sacrifice time, energy, money, friends, or ourselves to be the change God needs? (v. 16)

  5. The Bible shows us what the power of one can accomplish. Are we selling ourselves short by doing nothing? Note, it takes one acorn for an oak tree to grow.

  6. Frederick Douglass said it best, “One and God make a majority.”

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Change isn’t easy but it has to start with us. Are we volunteering? Are we having open discussions? Are we sharing kindness? What is our small group doing to bring change to the world? Are we as excited about being the change as a high school team is about being in the playoffs?

We have an opportunity. Let’s get the job done. God wants your best in everything. Give God your best and He’ll handle the rest. It’s all for One (Him). Seize the moment! It’s game time! Get off the sidelines!

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