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How can the days be so long and still so short? Sometimes, when I’m at work, it feels like I’ve been there all day. As soon as it’s time to leave, the day goes by like the blink of an eye.

Time is very interesting. It really is filled with swift transitions. And as I grow older I have to appreciate time even more. I can’t help but believe that if people appreciated time more, they would realize how much of it they don’t have to squander.

I’m less likely to pick a fight with my boyfriend if I think about how short our time together is. When I think about the rough estimate of 36 hours we get to spend together in a total of two weeks, it just doesn’t matter as much that we didn’t go where I wanted to go this time. It shouldn’t matter because what little time we have we can’t afford to waste.

I’m less likely to waste time complaining about my nephew keeping me awake a few times when I think about how fast childhood goes by. He will be grown before I know it. Those errands with my great-grandmother are necessary when I think about how rare those moments are.

I agree, people shouldn’t be so caught up in timelines and schedules. But I believe that time can be used as an incentive. If I know that I only get so much time with so many people, I should hope that would inspire me to appreciate time more.

God is over time. He has given it to me as a gift and I should use it wisely. With God as the Author of time, should I really try to rewrite my story by wasting it?

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