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Your Daughter is Dead

Based on Mark 5

Your daughter is dead

That’s what they said

I couldn’t believe those words

Is that really what I had heard?

I thought I’d gotten to Jesus in time

At least that much had given me some peace of mind

But now I’m hearing that it’s too late

That my daughter has already met her fate

“There’s no use troubling Jesus now”

I guess they’re right, since my daughter has taken her final bow

Jesus told me have faith don’t be afraid

In fact, He said she was only sleeping as she laid

Those in the crowd laughed at what He said

So He sent them out, for it was their faith that was dead

“Little girl get up,” He said holding her hand

And to God be the glory my little girl got up to stand

Immediately she was up and we were amazed

We were overwhelmed, we were dazed

And Jesus told us not to say a word

But somehow the people heard

When Jesus sees faith, He acts

Faith in Him brought my daughter back

My daughter is not dead

Because that’s what Jesus said

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