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Would it be right?

I’ve been thinking about how easy it would be to just drop it all and settle. It seems like it would be easy to skip town and run from it all. It seems simple to take any job as long as it’s available. But would it be right? And not only is the question whether it would be right, but is it godly?

Life will forever throw curveballs. We will always face things that make the alternative seem so much better. But just because the alternative seems easier, just because it seems so much more immediate, and it seems much simpler, doesn’t mean it should be our choice.

That’s what’s hard about it all. Seeing an alternative, but knowing we can’t do it. Seeing it and wanting it, but knowing it’s not right for us. When the alternative is in our reach, but it’s just not God’s plan is what seems earth-shattering sometimes. The alternative just seems easier, right?

In the long run, we have to realize that what seems easy really rarely is. And although it would be “easy,” would it really be right? More often than we like to admit it, it wouldn’t be…

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