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When People Needed People

How we do become so detached from society that we don’t value one another enough until we can’t be around one another?

Funny, in a world where we crave social media and vicariously live through its fantasies, we realize at times like this that social media falls short of social interaction. Being one on one with a person in person is far better than connecting with their latest post.

Strange, in this age of technology, the normalcy of life is to obtain social media followers and highlight the most “highlight-able” moments of our lives. Yet, in the time of social distancing, even social media seems too far away.

May we reflect back on these days with godly wisdom in the future. That there really was a time that social media wasn’t enough. Albeit, whether it’s admitted or not, that there was a time when social media didn’t satisfy, and we craved in person human interaction.

All of this screams a lesson that God has taught us from the beginning of time. That people thrive in community. “It was not good for man to be alone.” And apparently, it’s still not.

Would it be too much to say that we really do like people more than we realize? Yes, people. With all their intricacies, imperfections, and opinions,we do actually like them. And dare I say, we love them…

So when life goes back to “normal” may I gently remind you that there was a time when normal wasn’t enough. When social media wasn’t enough, and social distancing was too hard. There was a time when people not only realized they needed people, but that they needed to be around them too.

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