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What I’ve Learned So Far

Happy Anniversary

I guess I messed around and started an anniversary tradition last year, so I have to keep it going now. I get to write a special blog for Brandon! I’ve titled this one What I’ve Learned So Far.

#1 I’ve learned that I’m not always right, even though I want to be. #2 I’ve learned that it’s OK to do things out of my comfort zone (as long as Brandon has to do it too lol). #3 I’ve learned that there are some things Brandon cooks better than me, and I’m quite OK with that. #4 I’m not the best listener in the world. #5 I could be a little nicer more often. #6 Being a Proverbs 31 woman is hard (I knew that before marriage though). #7 It’s one thing to know the right thing to do, quite another to actually do it in your marriage. #8 What you pray for in your marriage is what tends to be under attack. #9 Something special happens when spouses pray for each other. #10 It’s best to be the first to break the silence, this tends to break pride, which is usually a good thing in marriage.

Thank you for the lessons learned with you Brandon. Most importantly, thank You God for being patient with me as I learn them.

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