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Victory in Jesus

I sat in a Bible study a friend of mine had last week, and one thing she discussed was faith. In more or less words she said that the reason we continue in so many bad habits is that we don’t really have faith that God will remove the desire for those things. You know what? She’s right.

Whenever I’ve struggled with something, I’ve focused so much on the next apology or prayer for forgiveness for it that I can’t help but give in. Sometimes, I’m so worried that I will commit that sin again, that, well, I do. I’m thinking about how bad it will be to pray for forgiveness again for the sin that I’m already praying about. I’m so focused on messing up all over again.

But faith in God is supposed to change that. It’s supposed to be faith that God can deliver me from my sins, meaning I’m really believing there will not be a next time. It’s a matter of me claiming victory over the sin I’ve struggled with. It’s simply me saying there will not be a next time, God thank you for victory over this sin because my faith allows me to believe that You have strengthened me and delivered me.

It truly is victory in Jesus.

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