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Try to Triumph

I have been filed with a happiness today and the only thing I have noticed that’s so different is that I’ve tried.

The problem with being a perfectionist is that you don’t try. If  you don’t know that you’re going to be 100% successful you don’t try at all. You’re either going to be successful or you’re going to be nothing. And it is a hideous reflection that I have seen in myself today.

I applied today and I tried. I worked out today and I tried. I wrote a letter today and I tried to express my feelings and emotions.

The beautiful fact is that God can turn try into triumph anytime. But if I don’t try there’s nothing to create from it.

I simply tried today. Failure is likely. But so is triumph. But I had to try. I had to attempt something. I had to try something, I had to give it my best effort, I had to put my best foot forward, I had to at least try. God can work with try. He can work with anything, but He can especially work with trying. If I don’t try, what comes from that?

It takes try to triumph. And I am much more likely to succeed by trying than I am by doing nothing. My day has been much brighter and the only thing I can truly say that has made a difference is the fact that I have tried.

If I only attempt things that I am going to be successful at, then that doesn’t leave much room to have faith. If I am not attempting anything that requires my faith to grow I am at a standstill in my relationship with God. And if I am at a standstill that means I am declining in my relationship with Him. I don’t have time or room for a decline.

My prayer is that whatever I do, whatever I am trying at, is exactly what God wants me to do because God turns my try into triumph not me. The difference in my day today is that I tried. And if I failed, I failed trying.

Sometimes it takes failure to have faith and trying to triumph. And if all God wants me to do is put an effort towards some things that He can turn around, then that’s all I should do. In the end, I’m still getting the better end of the bargain.

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